Patient Testimonials

My name is Ruthie Straub. I came to Dr. Pine when I was 24 years old. I was unhappy with my crooked teeth and heard wonderful things about this office. After my initial visit I knew that I had picked the right place for me. The staff and Dr. Pine treated me like family and allowed my one year old to sit on my lap during my check ups. My teeth are perfect now because of Dr. Pine and his wonderful staff. I have since brought all three of my children to Dr. Pine, his patience with my family is great! Every time we come into the office all of us are welcomed back to see how everyone is doing. It is always a family affair when the Straubs walk in. Thank you so much for giving us all beautiful smiles.



I’m so happy that we entrusted our children’s smiles to Dr. Pine! He and his courteous and professional staff helped our family through each step of the treatment process. We all were thrilled with the results!- Deb C.


My smile had always been something in which I lacked pride and confidence. Crooked teeth and an overbite made me self-conscious of showing my teeth whether it be among friends or in a photograph. I decided to put an end to this by visiting Pine Orthodontics. The atmosphere, ease of the process, and kind attitude of the staff was most enjoyable. Although the process is very involved, Dr. Pine and his staff made it seem easy and straightforward. The team at Pine Orthodontics is cheerful, knowledgeable, and extremely competent. The team far exceeded my expectations with their service, knowledge, and care for patients. During a scanning of my teeth during an early visit, the process took longer than expected. To show their gratitude for my patience during the extended visit, they sent me a gift card. I was very taken back by the kind gesture, it was very much appreciated. I trusted Pine Orthodontics to handle my orthodontic needs due to their strong reputation and inviting atmosphere. A large portion of their cases deal with children, but they also have a great program for adult needs. I found this well roundness to be an excellent quality during treatment. Pine Orthodontics has given me the confidence and pride in my smile that I have wanted for years. – Nicholas S.


Before I came to Dr. Pine’s office, I was not a fan of my smile due to my one front tooth being crooked and overlapping the other. I remember trying to smile differently to see if that would help while having my picture taken. Nothing seemed to hide the truth and after looking at pictures of my teeth, I don’t think that even I realized just how crooked they were until I would see them on film. I recall my first visit to Pine Orthodontics and I could tell after speaking with Dr. Pine and his team that they were the right choice and could be trusted to transform my smile. Dr. Pine thoroughly discussed the pros and cons with each treatment option and asked me about my lifestyle to decide what plan would best suit me. I was interested in a treatment that would conceal what was happening with my teeth and they recommended Invisalign. Orthodontics has not only changed how I feel about my smile but they have changed my life. My teeth before treatment were embarrassing, not to mention unhealthy. Orthodontics has given me confidence and I don’t feel the need to ever hide a smile. The first thing I now notice while looking at pictures of myself is my teeth and in turn, my new smile makes me smile.- Corey K.


My husband Curt and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff wholeheartedly for taking such great care of both of our daughters and their orthodontic needs. Where do we even start? Both daughters had pretty significant dental issues requiring significant orthodontic care at a young age. You and your staff made them feel at home from the very first visit. They were never anxious about coming to your office and receiving orthodontic care. You did an amazing job coming up with unique solutions to both girls unusual orthodontic needs. You had to get creative and did so with joy in your heart and true caring. We never really had any doubts in your abilities and trusted your professional judgment always. Our girls have had numerous positive comments from others regarding how beautiful their teeth and smiles are. They have regained their confidence since you were able to fix their teeth. This is all because of your fantastic work and care. In addition, there was never any problem getting in to see your immediately when there was an emergency situation. Also, on the few occasions when we had to reschedule an appointment, there was never an issue getting in at another convenient time. You and your staff exceeded our expectations!

On a different note, we really appreciate that you have office hours once per week in Tyrone and not just State College. This convenience made it a lot easier for us to access your care. From Altoona, it only took us about 20-25 minutes to get to your office-the same amount of time it takes us to get to the shopping mall on the other side of town. We appreciate tremendously that we never had to wait more than five minutes when we came for our appointments. Any active family with working parents and children would appreciate this courtesy. Your office staff and assistants were always so kind and efficient-very pleasant to us always.

It goes without saying that you, Dr. Chris Pine, are the only orthodontist in this area that we recommend-and we do so highly! Again, we can not thank you and your staff enough for all of your professionalism, excellent work and caring! We wish you all the best and continued success.- Curt and Tracey Biesecker


I have been working with Dr. Pine and his team for over 10 years with two of my children needing orthodontic treatment. This team provides top quality orthodontic treatment as well as top quality customer service. Every time we went into the office we were greeted with smiles and the friendliest of personalities. They would remember my daughters’ names and greeted them with compassion whenever we had appointments. Their multiple office locations were a huge convenience to us as the girls were involved in many after school activities. They were flexible with our schedules and did whatever they could to accommodate our needs. The kindness, compassion and the gentleness they treated my daughters with is something I am so thankful for. I could not recommend a better team for orthodontics than Dr. Pine and his entire staff. Thank you for all you did for us. – Holly B.


I would definitely recommend Dr. Pine and his staff for your orthodontic needs. My son Logan’s smile before treatment was not good. It made him self conscious. He didn’t like to smile for pictures. Since getting his braces off, Logan now has the confidence to show his smile. Our experience with Dr. Pine, his office and staff was truly a pleasure. Everyone was friendly, courteous, accommodating and helpful. We were kept informed throughout the process of Logan’s progress and needs. Each time we came we were warmly welcomed and truly felt like we were more than just patients but part of a larger family working towards a similar goal in helping Logan succeed in improving his smile. I can confidently say that our expectations were exceeded not only with the end result but with the care and attention given to us by Dr. Pine and his entire staff.- Vicki S.